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We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our wonderful families who give loving homes to our puppies!


"Blah blah cute puppies, blah blah amazing parents and great temperaments, blah blah majestic creatures. I could go on and on about Rivers Edge Boerboels with the things you might expect to hear in a review. But I wanted to take a minute to give props to Jerry and Julie for what they have created. We are talking 5star kennels here! So clean and well kept. The amount of time they took and information provided, just when I was researching this breed was amazing, and that's without me making any promises to adopt from them. You can tell right away they care more about the breed standard and well being vs making a quick buck. REB should be every breeders standard! It's an honor to be associated with Rivers Edge Boerboels. Thank you for my best friend!" ~Tyrone Butler

"Roughly a year and a half ago I found Rivers Edge through the AKC website. I knew I wanted a Boerboel and had been spooked away by several other breeders I found during my research. I was determined to find a breeder that was ethical, responsible and truly treated their dogs like family. During my first conversation with Julie she asked me about my background with dogs, what my activity level is like and what purpose he would fulfill, I immediately felt like her priority was to ensure each dog is in the hands of responsible owners, which was such a breath of fresh air. Julie and I talked on the phone for well over an hour, she made me so comfortable and answered my questions easily. I knew right then that I would be getting my puppy from Julie and Jerry, and sent my deposit later that day. Upon the puppies being born, Julie sent me test messages, photos and videos at minimum twice a week to show their growth process. I may not have gotten my puppy until 8 weeks but I felt as though I knew him from birth. I chose my little orange collar boy just from photos alone, I knew that was the dog for me. Jerry and Julie have done the most amazing job ensuring the dogs they are breeding produce only the most healthy, even tempered dogs. My male is the sweetest most loving animal and his ability to instinctively protect me is so amazing. Choosing Rivers Edge Boerboels was the best choice I ever made. The constant communication, love poured into their puppies and consistent outreach after adopting one of their pups is unmatched. I still chat with Julie and Jerry on a regular basis, reach out for food and vet recommendations and genuinely have always been treated as family. These puppies are something special and I'm complimented daily on how gorgeous and well mannered by boy is. I will never own a Boerboel that doesn't come from them. Thank you Jerry, Julie and the Rivers Edge Family for giving me my best friend Notorious Biggie Rebel. ~Haley


This might be one of the coolest updates we’ve gotten from a family. I’m seriously choked up and teary eyed Chente you are such a good boy! (Rowdy x Scarlett)

"If I haven't told you enough already how much I love my Chente.... my father in law fell today and I went back on the cameras just to see both him and Poppy run up to him. Chente cautiously sniffed him and when he realized he was unconscious (you could see his nervousness) he started to lick him to wake him up, that didn't work so he barked. Once he saw he saw he was moving he laid down next to him. When my father in law stood up all the way Chente's entire body language changed, he was so happy. It's so crazy hows smart he is!!" Chente is also the self appointed baby sitter of our daughter ~Ana

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