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We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our wonderful families who give loving homes to our puppies!


"Blah blah cute puppies, blah blah amazing parents and great temperaments, blah blah majestic creatures. I could go on and on about Rivers Edge Boerboels with the things you might expect to hear in a review. But I wanted to take a minute to give props to Jerry and Julie for what they have created. We are talking 5star kennels here! So clean and well kept. The amount of time they took and information provided, just when I was researching this breed was amazing, and that's without me making any promises to adopt from them. You can tell right away they care more about the breed standard and well being vs making a quick buck. REB should be every breeders standard! It's an honor to be associated with Rivers Edge Boerboels. Thank you for my best friend!" ~Tyrone Butler


This might be one of the coolest updates we’ve gotten from a family. I’m seriously choked up and teary eyed Chente you are such a good boy! (Rowdy x Scarlett)

"If I haven't told you enough already how much I love my Chente.... my father in law fell today and I went back on the cameras just to see both him and Poppy run up to him. Chente cautiously sniffed him and when he realized he was unconscious (you could see his nervousness) he started to lick him to wake him up, that didn't work so he barked. Once he saw he saw he was moving he laid down next to him. When my father in law stood up all the way Chente's entire body language changed, he was so happy. It's so crazy hows smart he is!!" Chente is also the self appointed baby sitter of our daughter ~Ana

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