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Draco WA 3.jpg

FATHER: Bostu Zazu 88.9 SR
{Hips A1:A1 Elbows 0/0}
MOTHER: Bostu Ashanti 85.5 SR
{Hips Elbows}

DOB: 08.08.21
SABBS: 91.2 SR
AKC: WS78124801
HIPS: L.44 R.46 No OA or DJD
ELBOWS: OFA Negative
  (Echocardiogram, Auscultation, X-ray)
EN/EC: Negative
DNA: Embark Clear

We are so excited about this extraordinary import from South Africa and can't thank Chareen at Bostu Boerboels enough for sending us this promising male. Draco is precisely what we wanted for an additional stud to compliment our Rowdy females. Not to mention we think his bloodlines are going to be so important here in the US.

Draco has a very athletic build and moves like an absolute dream. This is not just our option, when the SABBS appraiser who has seen 100's of dogs says "he has the best movement I've seen in a very, very long time" and "his angulation is near perfect" we knew we had something special!!  He has one of the best toplines we've ever seen and a great tailset. If that wasn't enough, his shoulders and rear angulation might be his best assets. He is the complete package! We think he will only get better in time as he continues to fill out.

Draco has also entered the AKC show world and seems to be a natural. He will be attending some shows this year and we are very excited to see what he will continue to do! 
***He is now an AKC Champion!!!***

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