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FATHER: Middelpos Rowdy 87.5 SR
 {Hips R .32 L .32 Elbows 0/1}
MOTHER: Outlaw Annie Oakley 88 L
Hips OFA Good Elbows OFA Negative}

DOB: 5.11.22
SABBS: 93.7 SR
AKC: WS81118301
HIPS: R.56 L.54 OFA Fair
No OA or DJD
ELBOWS: OFA Negative
HEART: OFA Normal (Echocardiogram, Auscultation)
VH: Clear
EN/EC: Negative
DNA: Embark cmr1

Halle is the epitome of a boerboel! At the tender age of 11.5 months she was the Highest Appraised Female and Dog of the Day at the 2023 Durham, CA SABBS appraisal. With an amazing 93.7% L it was a record breaking score for highest appraised boerboel at that time that hadn't changed since 2017!! While she was bumped out of that spot by .1%, Halle still holds the record for the Highest Appraised Stud Register Female in the world. Her being a Rowdy daughter made this all the sweeter! Halle is very special in another way because she shares the same birthday with me (Julie).

Halle was the only Rowdy female out of a dual sired litter produced by Outlaw Boerboels, so we can't take any credit for making a great pick but she was absolutely stunning from the beginning. You may notice that she has a scar on her left front leg that was caused by her mother when she was cleaning her during whelping.

Halle has so many impressive talking points it's hard to know where to start. She is massive everywhere with a great topline, fluid movement and huge personality that she can back up. She will not be left out of any attention being given!  We can now add that one of the most recent accomplishments was her impressive mothering skills and the fact that she naturally whelped 7 large, healthy, beautiful babies!


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