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FATHER: KS Journey 92.2 SR
MOTHER: Blitzkrieg Lila 89.6 SR 
{Hips, Elbows

DOB: 2.12.19
SABBS: 89.2 L
AKC: WS65100207
HIPS: R.65 L.72 NO OA or DJD
ELBOWS: OFA Negative
HEART: OFA Normal (Auscultation)
VH: Clear
EN/EC: Negative
DNA: cmr1

Just WOW!! This is what comes to mind when we try think of a description for Goldie and what I said the first time I saw her! I'll start off by saying Joseph @ Golden State you outdid yourself with this one!
This wasn't one of your typical exchanges and that's why we feel so strongly that it was meant to be. This process started with a call from Paulo to see if he could use one of our males and help with getting Goldie bred. He brought her to us with just that in mind. Well, we quickly fell in love with her and after several weeks of spending time together we knew we didn't want her to leave. This is where I believe that things happen for a reason because both Paulo and Joseph agreed to us keeping her and our hopes became reality!!  We can't thank you both enough!

I literally could write a book about what I love about this female! To start I think she is the most balanced, complete, beautiful girl I've seen. I know that is a huge statement and I don't want to take away from the other fantastic females out there, including some that we have here in our program, but Goldie checks all the boxes for me! On top of all her structural attributes she is an extremely steady, confident boerboel who is an absolute joy to be around. We are beyond excited to have this opportunity with her and have big plans for her in our program!

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